Case Study 3

In 2015, our Business Development team proactively secured a sizeable contract with a multi-national sports distribution company. A new large scale facility was under construction and scheduled to open in less than three months.

Initially, a full in depth analysis was completed with the Client’s senior management team and based on the business type, need and location:

  • Skill set
  • Time scales
  • Staff Management
  • Onsite agency management
  • Pay rates in competitor sites
  • Local staff availability

With the analysis complete, our Consultants tailored a unique staffing solution for the Client based on their results.

The Client was impressed with our approach to the recruitment of staff for the project. From applicant screening, interview, registration and induction the process was handled efficiently and effectively, allowing the Client to concentrate on their priority – the opening of the new facility. Their confidence in the quality of our service enabled them to assign us a Sole Supplier Agreement

The contract continues to expand and we maintain the same level of support and Client satisfaction.

Case Studies