Gravity Personnel supplies a diverse range of Clients in the Industrial, Engineering and Commercial sectors.

Case Study 1

In 2010, Gravity Personnel was approached by a small retail based Client in Hampshire. Staff supply had become inefficient and problematic. Our Business Development Consultant worked closely with the Client to define and develop a streamlined sole supplier arrangement.
The business has now grown to triple its original volume of supply.

Innovations for this Client include:
• Staff Inductions conducted by our Consultants including Health and Safety Training
• Management of Overtime Scheduling including booking personnel and hours monitoring
• KPI Development, Structure and Management

We provide management of workers across 6 warehouses with weekly on-site meetings for feedback and review.

Despite the Client’s remote location, shift volumes can be increased at short notice and supply not only warehouse personnel but also Forklift Drivers, Data Entry staff, Account Managers and Customer Service

KPI Structure and Content

When approached by our client to set up and maintain a weekly KPI system, we worked closely with management and supervisors then approached this with our usual attention to detail.

The Brief       

The Client introduced daily scoring system for their agency workers.  They gave us the directive to chart, monitor and feedback to them on a weekly basis.

The Solution

  • Performance Tracking
  • Soft Skills Scoring
  • Hard Skills Scoring
  • Weekly Hours Comparison
  • Monthly Scores Comparison
Case Study 2

In 2014, Gravity Personnel won a contract with a well-known online magazine retailer and distributor to recruit and manage their Customer Service staff.

The brief was to recruit a multi-level Customer Services team of 40 workers, giving a two month set up time.

The Client’s operation is structured across four sites and their requirement was in the following areas:

  • Administrators
  • Data Entry personnel
  • Complaints Handlers
  • Supervisory staff

Following in-depth site analysis to establish the specifics for each role, staff were recruited based on the given criteria. Through strict vetting procedures, we were able to provide the right staff both geographically and by skill set across a three shift pattern.

This contract continues to grow; this is due to the diligence of our consultants but also time spent initially ensuring our Client’s needs were understood and continual monitoring to ensure Client satisfaction.

Case Study 3
In 2015, our Business Development team proactively secured a sizeable contract with a multi-national sports distribution company. A new large scale facility was under construction and scheduled to open in less than three months.

Initially, a full in depth analysis was completed with the Client’s senior management team and based on the business type, need and location:

  • Skill set
  • Time scales
  • Staff Management
  • Onsite agency presence
  • Pay rates in the locale
  • Local staff availability

With the analysis complete, our Consultants tailored a unique staffing solution for the Client based on their results.

The Client was impressed with our approach to recruitment for the project and kicked off the resourcing process.  Using a combination of direct advertising, social media and local targeted recruitment, the volumes were easily met.

From applicant screening, interview, registration and induction the process was handled efficiently and effectively, allowing the Client to concentrate on their priority – the opening of the new facility.  Their confidence in the quality of our service enabled them to assign us a Sole Supplier Agreement

The contract continues to expand and we maintain the same level of support and Client satisfaction.